okay..we do have some members, but some of them aren't doing anything.

I have not seen yellowm_m or jennyp1131 vote at all since they've gotten accepted.

Also, __vanitykills and i_suck_wang have joined the community, but have not posted an application. please fill out the application or you will be banned. thanks :)

TO STAMPED MEMBERS: Keep promoting...hopefully we'll get some new applicants and make this a really good community.
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joshyjosh and mcpeepants are friends...and for some reasons..I think they are a little bit more than friends...if you happen to look at mcpeepants' journal and info...


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now that we have members, there must be at least three votes for someone to be stamped.

Also, I'll need a 150x150 from all of you for the members section I'll be making :)

And congratulations--our mods are:
roxysun61 (me)

We're off to a good start. Keep promoting and it'll get even better!