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New Application

Bold the questions so it is easier for us to read.

Name: Romain aka Copain
Age: 19
Location: Paris, France
Siblings (if any):
5 Favorite Movies
: Moonstruck, Mermaids, The Wall, muriel's Wedding
5 Favorite Bands: Cher, Shakira, Pink Floyd, No Doubt, Metallica
5 Favorite Songs: "Still" Cher, "Walking In Memphis", "Ojos Asi", "Master Of Puppet", "It's my Life"
Your best/favorite physical feature: my bottom and my mouth
Your worst/least favorite physical feature: my eyes and my hair!
Your favorite personality trait about you: friendly and optimistic
Something unique about you: my crazyness in any occasion!
Single or taken?: Single
If taken, show picture if possible:
Reason why you should be accepted: I could give this community a "French touch"! Moreover, I'm always online so I could very often rate and promote!

Your thoughts on the following (at LEAST 2 sentences):
: I do drugs ("soft" only pot!! and hash!!) I like smoking in front of a good film or while I'm listenning music!!! And I also like drinking a couple of drinks with my friends and in club. I never do drugs or take a glass on my own!
War: Something stupid like peace!! Too many point of view to be concealled!!!
Abortion: A child shouldn't be born if he is not wanted.
Racism: I don't even understand people who think that the colour of our skin change the people!! It's just a question of time spent under the sun from millions of years!!!


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