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Look for the girl with the broken smile


Suzanna Victoria




your house.

Siblings (if any):

9 brothers
3 sisters

5 Favorite Movies:

The Notebook
Moulin Rouge
Dirty Dancing
Ace Ventura
Dumb and Dumber

5 Favorite Bands:

Something Corporate
A Second Chance
Coheed and Cambria
The Early November
Taking Back Sunday

5 Favorite Songs:

She Will Be Loved - Maroon 5
Konstantine - Something Corporate
She Paints Me Blue - Something Corporate
Whiskey Lullaby - Allison Kraus and Brad Paisley (yeah I know, I'm lame)
Cute without the E acoustic - Taking Back Sunday

Your best/favorite physical feature:

RoxySun61: your smile!
personally, I think my lips are okay

Your worst/least favorite physical feature:

my breastases could be bigger
and my hips could be smaller

Your favorite personality trait about you:

I'm a good listener

Something unique about you:

I'm afraid of butterflies

Single or taken?:

Taken<3333 and he's everything to me

If taken, show picture if possible:

Reason why you should be accepted:

I'm hotter than this chick

Your thoughts on the following (at LEAST 2 sentences):

Drugs/Alcohol: Drugs are lame and basically just there to get addicted to. Alcohol is pretty great though. I drink to make people more interesting.

War: I'm going to sound 4 years old, but war seems so unnecesary. People should stop being so fucking power hungry and we wouldn't have to have thousands of people die for something that never had to happen.

Abortion: Well, use protection. And if it breaks, get the morning after pill or go on birth control beforehand. There's all these other options. And if you're not smart enough to be using them, then you're not ready to be having sex.

Racism: So dumb. Who cares if someone isn't exactly like you? That'd be boring. Unfortunently though, even if everyone was the same race, there'd still be shit to be prejudice about.

Add 3+ pictures of yourself.

I totally have a milf, kinda.

That's my biff, she's barbie.

New York was real nifty. I was stunned.

Wouldn't it be amazing if I could match.

Sarah took this picture, she's hot.

My pathetic attempt at being seductive.
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Something Corperate threw me the hell off.
But i like mostly everything else about you,
- Abortion Answer. There's rape to consider.
- Drugs/Alcohal answer.
+ The reason why you should be accepted.
& That's exactly why i'm going to say yes.

You're also very pretty.
But lemme suggest you drop the Something Corperate.
Oh yes, And nice icon.
That was an amazing movie.
but I'm in love with Andrew, and they're amazing live.

but about the rape thing, most rape victums don't get pregnant.
And I'm not saying ban it, cause then I think there'd just be back alley abortions, which would cause more death.
But I know what you mean.

and yes
the notebook was fantastic

You are my Suzanna and I looove you soo much!!!
and you are oh so sexy!! <333333
because you're great. duh.
I voted yeah for you in lovely_looks..

-Coheed and Cambria makes me want to shoot myself in the head
+your poor mother having 13 kids! wow..that's admireable...but are they really all from the same family??! that's so cool
+you're afraid of butterflies. lol..that's awesome. only cuz I've never heard of such a thing before...but I can believe it..and I can just see you screaming and running away from a butterfly like a lot of people run from bees :P
+/-[and then all the other reasons I said in lovely_looks]

so yeah

yeah we're all from the same mom and pop.
WOW..that's amazing! :)
i like your bands! :)
your cute
Yay you're accepted! I'll need a 100x100 for the members section :)