____chelsay (___vanitykills) wrote in classicglamour,

Name: Chelsea
Age: 15
Location: mightygayflorida
Siblings (if any): nope only child unles you count my two boy cousins
5 Favorite Movies: Breakfast club , Pretty in Pink , Sixteen Candels , Ferris Bullers day off & The Notebook
5 Favorite Bands: Ashlee Simpson (singercount?) , Takeing Back Sunday , Avenged Sevenfold, My Chemical Romance &  A Static Lullaby
5 Favorite Songs: Liz Phair " extraodinary" , The Stills " Still in love song" The Von Bondies "c'mon c'mon" , Ashlee Simpson "lala" &
Your best/favorite physical feature: my eyes i suppose? lol cos there really big
Your worst/least favorite physical feature:  my thighs. i dont like them there big.
Your favorite personality trait about you: im outgoing & allways haveing fun.
Something unique about you: i can put my feet behind my head? is that unique?
Single or taken?: Taken
If taken, show picture if possible:
Reason why you should be accepted: umm cos ill promote & stay active?

Your thoughts on the following (at LEAST 2 sentences):
Drugs/Alcohol: mmok. Drugs are bad. i dont do them because theyll mess you up and i just choose not to get effd up...and alcohol..mmm i cant say anything about because ya but it can turn the nicest people in to the meanest hurtful people.
War:i honestly think war is stupid. and pointless and such . people die everyday for that crap
Abortion: if you have a kid you should have to keep it. you can just get pregnant and be like oh i dont feel like haveing a baby right now ill give it a way. its your kid you were irresponsible you should have to keep it.
Racism: i feel like i can be racist at times. and its wrong it shouldnt be like a color/race thing how we judge people.

Add 3+ pictures of yourself.


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