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Name: Scott, ScottieWags, ScottieBones, ScottieEdge...take your pick.
Age: 18
</b>Location:</b> North Smithfield, RI (home)/Poughkeepsie, NY (school)
Siblings (if any): Brother - Steven: 21, Sister - Katherine: 16, Step-brother - Timothy: 21, Setp-brother - David: 15.
5 Favorite Movies: Love and Basketball, Hook, the Goonies, Dogma, BASEketball
5 Favorite Bands: Glassjaw, Underoath, Silverstein, Matchbook Romance, Fall Out Boy
5 Favorite Songs: This one's tough...I'll go with "It's Dangerous Business Just Walking Out Your Front Door" - Underoath, "My Silouette" - A Second Chance, "Ape Dos Mil" - Glassjaw, "Paris in Flames" - Thursday, "Giving Up" - Silverstein
Your best/favorite physical feature: I'm absolutely adorable! Ok, I kid...but I've been told I have nice eyes and a nice smile.
Your worst/least favorite physical feature: I think I'm too skinny...but apparently some girls are into thin guys?
Your favorite personality trait about you: My sense of humor and my open mind.
Something unique about you: I'm an Eagle Scout...people have a hard time believing that cause of my style...so that's pretty unique.
Single or taken?: Single
Reason why you should be accepted: Because I'm adorable...we went over this already.

Your thoughts on the following (at LEAST 2 sentences):
I don't and never have used drugs or alcohol. But I'm not one of those assholes who's gonna preach to you about right and wrong. As far as I'm concerned, if you want to drink or use drugs, be my guest. As long as you respect my decision not to do so, I'll respect your decision to do so.
War: War is unfortunate, but I feel that in some cases, it is absolutely necessary. As for this particular war, I feel that many of our reasons are unjust but at the same time I think that those in power know a lot more than the common citizen...so I'm giving them the benefit of the doubt.
Abortion: I, personally, am pro-choice. If you're against abortion, the answer is simple: don't have one. All I know is if I was in a situation where a girlfriend or wife got pregnant and we weren't sure if we could handle having a baby, it is definitely an option I would have to consider. Again, though, if you think abortion is wrong, that's fine with me...just respect my opinion as well.
Racism: Racism is disgusting, sickening, and unfortunate. I never was racist in any way, but I had my eyes opened wide as my last relationship was with a girl of mixed race...her mother is white and her father is black. And it really opened my eyes to being open and loving and respecting all people.

this is a joke picture...I'm straightedge...holding alcohol...my friends thought it was funny.

my hair isn't long anymore but people love this picture...so I posted it.

this is the most recent picture of me I have...I got my labret pierced about 2 weeks ago. you know you love it.
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