Jesh (joshyjosh) wrote in classicglamour,

Name: joshua lande
Age: 18
Location: washington DC
Siblings (if any): one brother older than me by 3 years
5 Favorite Movies: Last House On The Left, Dawn of the Dead, Irreversable, soul plane, nightmare on elm street
5 Favorite Bands: The White Stripes, Led Zeppline, The Velvet Underground, The Mars Volta, Pink Floyd
5 Favorite Songs: Stairway to Heaven, the thong song, pump it up,
Your best/favorite physical feature: my eyes
Your worst/least favorite physical feature:my elbows
Your favorite personality trait about you: i like to prove that i am smarter than you
Something unique about you: i'm different just like eveyrone else
Single or taken?:single

Your thoughts on the following (at LEAST 2 sentences):
i guess a little bit in moderation isn't to bad. but if it isn't directly harming anyone else, the government should leave us alone
War:i think that basically its going to be the goal of any nation to prove that they are stronger than anyone else, because thats human nature. everyone has to show up their enemy so thats why we go fighting. no war is ever justified and this one isn't either, but dose it really matter?
Abortion:i think that we ought to work as a country to protect the potential for life wherever we can, and abortion is no different. also, i think that we should make sure to ensure the all children have good families (adoption)
Racism:i think its just another manefestation of human nature. i mean, who wouldn't want to keep themeselves strong. there is nothing making black people worse than other people or anything, its just that it was an easy way for one group of people to empower thierselves over another group. and wethere or not we are racist or not in the future, we will still fine another way of doing the exact same thing.

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