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Name: Melissa
Age: 17..18 in September
Location: Lodi, CA [it's near Sacramento]
Siblings (if any): I have a sister [Kristin, 24], a half brother [Ananta, 32..almost 33], and two brother-in-laws [Joe my sister's husband, 23..and Richard my husband's brother, 24? I've never met him]
5 Favorite Movies:
- Home Alone
- 10 Things I Hate About You
- Jumanji [it was filmed down the street from my grandparent's house!]
- Pee-Wee's Big Adventure [sorry, I'm addicted! it's a cult movie!]
- Jingle All The Way
5 Favorite Bands:
- Reforma [Chicago Local]
- Hoobastank
- Cauterize
- Trapt
- Linkin Park
5 Favorite Songs:
- If You Had My Love - Jennifer Lopez [I'm not a fan of her..but I love this song so much..ever since 6th grade baby!]
- Still Breathing - Cauterize [it describes everything I've ever wanted in a relationship]
- Bitter - Reforma []
- Free Without A Struggle - From Zero [a song I cry to every time I hear's just so awesome]
- Home/Livid - Crash Poet [it's a tie between those two songs...they're just amazing..both make me cry..haha]
Your best/favorite physical feature: I think my eyes because they look like an eclipse [the color] and they're big and expressive
Your worst/least favorite physical feature: my arms are hairy..and I'm kinda self concious about it..but I think it's cuz I'm Italian
Your favorite personality trait about you: I have the ability to be friends with anyone...any kind of person, any clique of friends, that is..if they accept me too...
Something unique about you: I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes in November 2003.
Single or taken?: I'm married! Picture:
lol..he's wearing my emo jacket because he was cold in McD's
Reason why you should be accepted: I loooove communities, I'm very active and promote. I just like meeting friends and being a part of something fun

Your thoughts:
Drugs/Alcohol: I really think they are a waste of time, money, and life.....I've been sXe my whole life..and will continue to be for the rest of my life...if you do them..I don't care...that's your problem. I usually won't associate myself with people smoking pot, if I'm with friends and they're smoking..I'll usually leave..but my friends drinking and smoking cigarrettes doesn't bother me.
War: I really don't have an opinion on it..and I know this will knock off some of my points...but it's because I try not to read up on it..or think about it or worry about it..I have other things in my life to be worried about right I try to stay away from war hype
Abortion: abortion is a harsh/touchy subject for me to speak on right I'm going to keep this answer quick: I think it should be illegal unless its for health reasons [too young, disease, rape]..but if it is being should be only legal in the first trimester or whatever..because if you're 8 months along..that's almost like saying, if you have a 4 year old kid and don't want to deal with it, you can just go kill it. that is wrong. okay..and if a man goes up and punches a pregnant woman in the stomach and kills the baby, he will be charged with murder, so why isn't a doctor being charged with murder?
Racism: I think if someone is racist..then they should keep it to themselves and definitely not act in a violent manner towards other races.

Last week in Monterey, CA

Right before I moved to CA sitting on

Hanging with Hoobastank

As you can tell...I'm a very colorful hair has been every color but green!


ps. I'd like to be a MOD if you still need them! :)
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