E M I L Y <3 (yellowm_m) wrote in classicglamour,
E M I L Y <3

Name: Emily
Age: 15
Location: Woodbury CT
Siblings (if any): a half brother and a half sister
5 Favorite Movies: Mean girls, cat in the hat (i love it!), american wedding, love actually, thirteen
5 Favorite Bands: taking back sunday, something corporate, dashboard confessionals, ryan cabrera, brand new
5 Favorite Songs: She will be loved.. by Maroon 5.. Happy Ending.. by avril, Woke up in a car.. by something corporate, On the way down.. by Ryan Cabrera, and Pieces of me.. by ashlee simpson
Your best/favorite physical feature: I love my eyes, there blue.. and I love my outgoing personality.
Your worst/least favorite physical feature: I really hate my nose, I mean I think it looks like a piggys.. haha
Your favorite personality trait about you: That I love to talk and met mew people.
Something unique about you: I like lizzards and I can un-wrap a starburst w/ my tounge.
Single or taken?: single
If taken, show picture if possible: sorry... im single
Reason why you should be accepted: I think you are all awesome, and it seems like a fun community! I think I should be accepted because i am a classic glamour!

Your thoughts on the following (at LEAST 2 sentences):
Drugs/Alcohol: Drugs are bad, don't do them. Alcohol is ok if you don't drink like crazy, but a glass a day is ok.
War: I wish we didn't have wars. It would be some much better if we all jsut got along.
Abortion: I think you should decide if you want to get one or not. I mean there shouldn't be a law that makes it so you can't get one.
Racism: Its just stupid, we are all the same. Just differetn colors.

Add 3+ pictures of yourself.

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