so i left for a week and when i came home i realized that my addiction to livejournal communities died. so i am leaving almost all of my communities because i spent way too much time checking them all for updates... sorry guys! add me if you want and i'll add you back!



okay...nobody seems to want this community anymore besides me. I really thought this community was getting a good start, but obviously not everyone agrees.

The whole "mod" thing....what I wanted was 3 mods--one the manage the site(me), one to stamp accepted/rejected members, and one to promote.

so this is a vote right now--- vote to keep promoting and hope the site gets better or quit the site. Its up to the members.
Dr Who


I know I'm a mod in here....but I'm leaving this community because I don't have any mod powers and no one is really applying..or posting or talking about anything..

sorry guys.

add me if you want.

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